Bridging Mathematics and Community Service

Dr. Swaminathan

Dr. Swaminathan, hailing from Chennai, is a distinguished mathematician and a devoted community servant. Raised in a family with strong academic and entrepreneurial roots, he diligently balanced his education with assisting in his father’s printing business. He achieved academic excellence, earning his MA, MSc, and PhD in Mathematics from the University of Madras.


Earned the title of Professor Emeritus upon retiring from Dalhousie University.


Fluent in 10 languages, with diplomas in French, German, and Russian.


respected and selfless pillar of support in the Indian community in Nova Scotia.

From Chennai to the World: Dr. Swaminathan's Mathematical Prowess

Dr. Swaminathan’s academic and professional journey is a testament to his exceptional dedication and accomplishments. He completed his graduate studies, including a Master’s and a PhD in Mathematics, at the prestigious University of Madras. Notably, he possessed an extraordinary linguistic ability, being fluent in 10 languages, and he even held diplomas in French, German, and Russian.

His career spanned various academic institutions, including IIT Kanpur, Paris, and the University of Illinois in Chicago, where he made substantial contributions to the field of mathematics. His expertise and dedication were recognized by Dalhousie University, where he retired as a Professor Emeritus.

Serving with Selflessness and Heart

In Nova Scotia, Dr. Swaminathan’s life took a new dimension as he dedicated himself to community service. He became a voluntary priest at Hindu temples in Halifax-Dartmouth and devoted his time to performing marriages and participating in various auspicious functions. His selfless service made him an indispensable pillar of support in the Indian community in Nova Scotia, where his impact continues to be deeply felt. Dr. Swaminathan’s contributions extend beyond his academic achievements, exemplifying the power of service and community engagement.

Family and Personal Background

Dr. Swaminathan’s roots lie in Chennai, India, where he was born, raised, and educated. His father, K. Srinivasa Aiyar, was associated with K. S Aiyar’s College and owned a printing business. Young Swaminathan balanced his education with helping in the family’s printing business, showcasing his early sense of responsibility and work ethic.

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